What Makes People Buy Your Kindle Book (Especially If You Are New!)

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Recently I launched my first Kindle book , and within the first five days of free promotion I managed to garner more than 500 downloads for my eBook in the Amazon marketplace! Since then, I have people buying my Kindle book in Amazon every day – all these without any active marketing on my part.

I shared this little success story with some of my friends and encouraged them to do the same, especially since some of them have relevant knowledge and practical experiences in their respective domains.

However most people seem to have this limiting thought:

“I am not as popular (or well known or knowledgeable or skilled for that matter) as many other experts out there – what makes people want to buy my book?”

Since this question comes up a lot, I believe my answer might shed some light to the readers here as well. Let me share with you the top three things you must know – and do – to make your book (or online course) sell.

1. Packaging

This is extremely critical – how you package your book is exactly how people will perceive it at the start.

To master the art of packaging, you must see your book from a solution-oriented angle. If you are a resume writer, instead of writing a book called “How To Write A Great Resume”, why not title your book as “Resume Writing Secrets: How To Get Your Dream Job Fast!”?

Always focus on telling people what problem you are helping them to solve, and people will be happy to pay you for it!

2. Differentiation

The next important thing you need is a unique proposition, so that you can stand out from your competition. It will certainly not do you any good if you write a book with a title that is so similar to other books in the marketplace and compete head on with all the other authors!

Let me give you an example. After doing some research, I observed that there are already many people out there who are teaching others how to make money with ClickBank. So instead of writing a book on the exact same topic, I further defined my audience by positioning my book as one that teaches you how to make money using ClickBank – without a website . This is how I differentiate myself from the others.

3. Support

Nowadays people like to look for some form of support after they make a purchase. The chances of people buying your book will be higher if you have a forum or Facebook group where your readers can interact and learn more from each other!

Finally, let me share with you the truth… A lot of trainers and authors who make good money from courses and writing books are not necessarily the most knowledgeable or most skilled experts in their fields. They have simply mastered all of the above three key factors, which you can also do the same!


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