JVZoo Affiliate Guide – How to get your first sale online

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Beside ClickBank, JVzoo is the other very popular affiliate network that you can consider to sign up to promote their digital products. If you are having difficulties getting approval for your ClickBank account, then sign up a JVzoo account instead. You can follow the tips in this blog post to help you get your first sale!

Advantages of JVzoo affiliate network:

  1. The first advantage of jvzoo network is that it allows almost anyone to join as compared to the stricter criteria of clickbank. If you are unable to get an account for ClickBank, then go for JVzoo instead.
  2. JVZoo has more updated products to promote. In fact, JVZoo’s strength is releasing new products almost every week by different vendors (product creators).
  3.  JVZoo allows us as affiliates to easily upload our bonuses so that when people buy through our affiliate links, they can get to download these bonuses too! Offering bonuses is a very good way to increase affiliate sales!
Attaching my bonus for any affiliate products in JVZoo is a breeze!

Disadvantages of JVzoo affiliate network:

  1. Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of JVZoo is that you need to get permission from each individual product creator before you start promoting their products. This is rather inconvenient as compared to Clickbank where you do not need the product creator’s permission to promote them.  
  2. The other disadvantage is that JVzoo is more focused towards the online business niche. Hence, most digital products are related to online businesses. If you are in the work from home, online business, Internet marketing niches, then this is great news!


Steps To Sign Up JVzoo Account

Follow the steps below to get yourself a JVzoo account!

Step 1:

Click the button on the top right to start signing up!

Step 2:

Enter your name, password and country in the second step.

Step 3:

Go to your email and click on the activation link.

Step 4:

The last step is to select a payment mode you preferred. The two most common modes of payment is paypal and jvzoo pay system. I highly recommend JVZoo pay because it seems most vendors use this system to pay affilaites.

Choosing products to promote!

Now, let’s talk about how you can choose products to promote in JVzoo. For me, I like to promote products that are selling well recently. In order to do that, you can just click on Products >> Top Sellers. You will be able to see a list of top ten sellers for various time frame like below:

JVzoo top ten products

Once you see the listing, you can click on the individual product title to see the sales page. If you want to find out about the commission and also apply to be the product’s affiliate, then click on the ‘Affiliate Details’ corresponding to the product name.

It is quite easy to get approval from the product seller. If you are new and do not have a mailing list to sell to, you can write something like below to request for approval:

“Hi [Insert product’s owner’s name], 

I am keen to promote [Insert product name here] through social media and to people who I know may benefit from it. Looking forward to the approval, thank you very much!

Depending on the responsiveness of the seller, some sellers approve requests within a couple of hours, while some may take up to one or two days to approve. 

Once you received an email stating the approval, you can login to JVzoo again and click on the ‘Affiliates >> Approved Products’ to get the affiliate links for the product. Refer to the screenshot below:

Click on the ‘Get Links’ to copy your affiliate link.



Promoting JVzoo products

Based on my own experience, one of the best ways to promote JVzoo products is via mailing list. Only when you have a list of subscribers following you, then you are able to get quick sales for JVzoo. 

The reason why email marketing works best for JVzoo products is because most products have launches discount – which means there is a very limited period of time that the products are selling for a good discount when it is just launched. And this is a very good reason to get your subscribers to get those products during the launch period! Most people do not want to lose out on discounts especially some products may switch from one-time pricing to monthly pricing after the launch – so this makes a strong reason to buy the product when it is just launched.

But in order to have a mailing list, you need to first get subscribers to get into your list. I have written the following two blog posts to help you on this task:

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