ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – List Building (Part 2)

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After building your squeeze page and knowing the important aspects of a squeeze page ( read our part 1 post here ), now let me share with you what are the three ways you can get visitors to your squeeze page!

1. Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads)
Search engine traffic has always been one of the highest quality type of traffic. Google ads is very expensive to use for list building but you can try Microsoft ads (used to known as Bing ads).

Microsoft ads will show your advertisement on search engines ( and when people are searching for keywords. For example, you can write a simple text telling people to download your 3-step guide to prevent hair loss and when people search for ‘prevent hair loss’ in these search engines, they will see your ad and click on it.

The advantage of this method is that the quality of traffic is very targeted but the disadvantage is that it costs you money every-time people click on your ad (regardless if that visitor optin to your squeeze page).

Here are some video tutorials for you to understand better how to make use of Microsoft ads.

Here are some of my personal tips on how you can use Microsoft ads for list building:

  1. In the beginning, add as many keywords as you can so that Microsoft ads will give your ad a good starting exposure. After a few days, gradually decrease keywords by deleting those that are not exactly relevant and only target exact match type keywords.
  2. Make sure your advertisement title is the same as your squeeze page title. If the titles are not consistent, many people will leave your page without signing up.
  3. Always bid as low as possible. If you can get clicks coming in at 10 cents per click, that will be great! But remember to decrease the bid slowly. A general guideline is to start the campaign around 30 cents per click then slowly bring it down.

2. YouTube Marketing
YouTube is the biggest video search engines online. Moreover it is free to use. I always recommend people to start with youtube simply because there are a lot of people online searching on youtube for information.

The main disadvantage of using youtube is that not everyone like the process of creating videos.. especially if you need to appear in front of a camera and talk. Luckily, there are alternatives that you can use to create effective videos. The following are three ways how you can create videos and drive traffic to your squeeze page.

a) Screencast
Screencast means you record your desktop / slides with you speaking while showing your visitors some information that they don’t know – all these without you showing your face. For example, here is a video that I created with the screencast method that directs viewer to sign up my squeeze page eventually.

There are only two thing you need in order to create a screencast video. First is the recording software, I use screencast-o-matic. Second is the microphone, I use Blue yeti. You can get any microphone as long as it is good quality.

b) Video creation software

If you do not want to create the video yourself, you can get a software to do it for you. 

I think this approach suits many people since there is no need for you to record yourself and it does indeed save me a lot of time!

The following is a video showing some examples of software you can use (including the voice-over!).

Have fun testing and finding one you like!

c) Outsource

Another method you can try is to get someone to help you create a video. Fiverr is a very popular platform that you can find a lot of freelancers out there who is willing to create videos for you. But you would need to get your script ready before they can help you turn it into a video. You can click here to check out the video creation category in Fiverr.

3. FaceBook Group Marketing
Many people use Facebook groups to promote clickbank products but often appear too spammy and ended up getting banned by the group moderators. Instead of joining a facebook group, you should actually start a facebook group so eventually you can promote anything in your own group.

This method is the most cost efficient because it cost you nothing to start and manage a facebook group. I myself manage a group with over 11,000+ members.

One thing about building a facebook group is that it takes a lot of time and commitment to grow it. This method is ideal if you do not have any money for advertisement but have time to invest. The following are a few tips for you to help you build your facebook group:

– There will be a lot of spams everyday, so you need to login and ban those members that post spams a few times per day. Once your group gets to thousands of members, you can start to enlist some members’ help as Moderators to clean the group.

– In the beginning, you will be the only one who is active. So make sure you invest some time to find useful articles, videos and blog posts to share in the group to keep up the engagement.

– Set rules in your group so that new members know what to expect. 

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