Top 2 ClickBank Alternatives (that gives you instant approval!)

Why ClickBank alternatives?..

About 10 years ago, Clickbank is the only affiliate network that most people know and at that time, it  was very easy to sign up for an account. Unfortunately, it is no longer the case 10 years later now.

clickbank reject new accounts

In recent years, it is clear that Clickbank has raised the bar of entry. Now, most people from other countries won’t be able to get an account (at least this is the feedback I heard from my students in my clickbank course).

With this, I believed this is a good time to recommend affiliate programs that most people (regardless of countries) can get into (quickly) and promote any products right away without any long and painful approval process..  

I am happy to share two suitable affiliate programs that you can join especially if you are having difficulties getting a clickbank account.

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jvzoo logo

JVZoo has been around for about 10 years and is very popular among the Internet marketers because it has better integrations as compared to Clickbank for affiliate marketers. For example, you can attach your personal bonus in your jvzoo account so that in future anyone who buys the product you recommend, they will get your bonus automatically!

As an Affiliate, you can attach a bonus (eBook, resource list etc) to a product that you want to promote inside JVzoo.

In addition to its affiliate-friendliness, it is also very easy to get an account. All you have to do is to click here and sign up an account (free and fast)!

You can also click here for a quick sign up guide!

Another advantage of JVzoo over Clckbank is that it has more updated products as compared to Clickbank. Everyday, there will be new products launched in JVzoo, and this is one of the main reasons why I love JVzoo over Clickbank on this point.

JVzoo niches

JVzoo focuses a lot on software and ebooks. In particular, software for people who run (or want to run) online businesses. In this covid era, more people are starting online websites and businesses, so there is a greater demand for online software and tools!

The following are some popular software over at JVZoo that have been sold for more than tens of thousands of copies:

  1. DFY Suite 3.0 Agency
  2. Affiliate Titan X
  3. Traffic Titan 3
  4. ClipsReel (Video creation software)
  5. TubeSERP (Youtube ranking software)

Payment mode

The safest way to get paid is to use the JVZoopay system. This system will pay you via Payoneer. So it is important for you to sign up a free Payoneer account.

jvzoo payment mode
You can get to the payment setting by going to My Account >> Payment Profiles.

How to find good products to promote?

So now you have gotten yourself a JVzoo account, the next step is to find good products to promote! 

The following are some tips to help you!

First, checkout the top sellers for the past 7 days! 

You can access this page by going to Products >> Top Sellers (after you login).

This list summarize the top products that being sold for the past 7 days. I often promote products in this list to save me time looking for products to promote in the vast marketplace.

From the above page, click on the ‘Affiliate Details’ if you are keen to promote that product. Be sure to check out my JVzoo guide on how to write to the vendor to get approval to promote the product. 

Check vendor profile

Once you have clicked on the ‘Affiliate Details’ of any product. You can also click on the ‘Vendor Profile’ to take a look at how the Vendor has performed in the past.

jvzoo vendor profile
You can access this section by clicking a product’s ‘Affiliate Details’ >> ‘Vendor Profile’.

There are two things you need to lookout here.

The first thing is the Average Product Rating. Make sure it is 3 stars and above. Do not promote anything that is 3 stars and below.

The second thing is to check the Refund Rate (highlighted in the screenshot above), make sure it is less than 10%.

Normally most products that ranked in the top sellers will pass these criteria.  

Find contest to participate

Another tip you need to know is that you can find affiliate contest to participate.

Refer to the following screenshot:

JVzoo affiliate contest
You can access this page by going to ‘Affiliates’ >> ‘Find Contests’ (after you login).

This feature is not available in ClickBank and the reason why I like to paricipate in affiliate contest is because normally contests are held when there is a new product to be launched, hence, there is no other affiliates promoting the product yet.

In addition, during the contest duration, the vendor is super responsive in supporting you when you request marketing materials (email swipes, social media texts, images, videos etc) from them.

My thoughts on JVZoo

At the end of the day, JVzoo is better than Clickbank in the sense that it is more affiliate-friendly and the products in the marketplace is newer. But the thing is that JVzoo tends to focus more on software and ebooks related to the online business niche.


Digistore24 is another platform like ClickBank but its approval process is super easy and instantly approves any application – so you do not need to worry about rejection!

Digistore24 Niches

Although the total products in Digistore24 marketplace is way lesser than ClickBank, but at least they have wider range of niches for you to select as compared to JVzoo.

You can see from the screenshot below that they have many niches under the digital products:

Digistore24 niches

The good news is that Digistore24 also have physical products (health related) for you to promote.

In general, physical products are more costly than digital products but you will get higher commission too. So make sure you check those out. You can find these products under the ‘Physical Products’ category.

Digistore24 Advantages

The advantage of Digistore24 over Clickbank is that it is very easy to get an account – almost instant! You can just click here to sign up a free Digistore24 account now.

In addition, it is also more transparent than Clickbank as you can see  the cancellation / refund rate of the product that you are promoting!

Payment mode 

digistore24 payout methods

As for the payout methods, Digistore24 offers PayPal and also bank transfer. You can also use your Payoneer accoutn and enter the U.S. bank details so that Digistore24 can pay you directly to your local bank (via Payoneer).

How to find good products to promote in Digistore

Once you have set up your preferred payment mode, it is time to select a product to promote!

The following are some tips on how to find good products to promote.

Cart conversion Rate

As much as possible, avoid those products with cart conversion rate lesser than 5%. The higher the cart conversion rate, the higher the chance that the traffic you directed will buy the products.

digistore24 cart conversion rate

You may also see that some products have insanely high cart conversion rate, that is because the traffic is highly targeted. Typically, best traffic source is from email marketing (if they are your own subscribers), then follow by search engine visitors, then other traffic buying media. 


Check how the sales page loads in mobile!

As more and more people are using mobile to browse web pages, it is also important to check if the sales page that you are promoting is displaying well using mobile devices.

If the product that you are promoting has been around for quite some time, then higher chance the sales page may not be mobile friendly.

Nevertheless, remember to use your mobile device and check out the sales page to make sure it loads perfectly on your side.


Learn how to use video marketing to promote affiliate products!

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