What is the best affiliate product to promote?

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I have been asked countless times by the learners in my online courses what is the best affiliate product to promote. I thought this is a great chance to use this blog post to share my insight on this question.

First thing first, there is no one best affiliate product to promote for all of you. Each of us have our best affiliate product to promote because of a variant, which is the audience that you can reach .

Let me give you some examples, if you have friends in your linkedin profile who is looking for job opportunities, then you can promote resume writing , cover letter writing or job interview training product in your linkedin profile.

If you have a lot of facebook friends who are also young parents, then you may want to share this young children reading training or potty training product with them.

If you have a website that share about online marketing, then you can blog about several online tools from jvzoo.com because they have many software that helps business owners in online marketing.

You see, the best affiliate product to promote is mostly based on the type of audience you can reach . Some of you may think that you do not have any audience now but hang on! This may not be true, continue to read on and see what you get by the end of this post.

Sources of audience

Let’s talk about some sources of audience that you may have right now but you may not be aware of.

1. Do you have a website?

If you have a website, most likely you already have some reachable audience – who is your website visitors. The question is how many visitors you have every month. And is it enough to trigger conversions using your website alone? If you have a website currently, please do yourself a favor by installing google analytics so that you know how many visitors you have and also where are they coming from so you can choose the best affiliate product to promote to them.

2. Do you have a mailing list?

Mailing list does not only mean those formally subscribed through your website. It can mean a group of your personal friends who have the same interest or hobby. But if you have a website, then it is the best place to create an optin to let visitors subscribe to your content or monthly updates. If you do not have a website, then see if you can create a squeeze page for optin purpose to build your mailing list. The following two videos will teach you how to create squeeze pages:

3. Are you providing a service or selling products online?

Are you currently selling any type of service or product online? If so, you already have an existing audience who will listen to your recommendations. In my website maintenance business, I do recommend some related services like auto-responders, domain and hosting services to my existing clients. Just make sure that the products that you recommend to them are related to what your service / products are.

4. Do you own a facebook group / page / online community?

Another source of audience comes from an online community. Do you own any online facebook group, page or run any online community such as forums? If so, then you can also promote related affiliate products to your community. I personally own a facebook group of 8000+ members and I also suggest they subscribe to my mailing list so every time I have a good product to recommend, I will email to this list of subscribers.

By the way, if you are new to affiliate marketing and want to start building your own list, there is none better than using facebook group to start growing your list. I find that facebook nowadays is helping facebook owners to market their groups to other related groups for free. This is why my group has been growing steadily for the past three years without me doing any marketing! You can learn how to build your list using facebook groups here.

5. Are you part of a facebook group / online community?

Even if you are not the owner of a group or online community, you can still grow your mailing list but at a slower rate. What you can do is to actively involved in a group or forum that you are really passionate. And given time, you can offer some help to the owner of the group to become the moderator so that you can post some useful tips and also help to clean up the group (delete spams etc). Once you become moderator, you will have more exposure and other members will start to take notice of you. This is the time where you will receive messages from other members to ask you for help or recommendations, then you can refer them to any affiliate products you think they would need.

This last source is the slowest method but it is also the least commitment from you as compared to running your own website or community.
What if you still don’t have an idea of where is your audience??
If after reading the above 5 sources of audience and you do not belong to anyone of them, fear not, there are three approaches you can take from here. But take note, the following method requires some investment of money because you are buying traffic.

(A) Bing Ads

I always suggest new affiliate marketers to use bing ads because it is affiliate friendly unlike Google Ads. I like to use bing ads reason because it is targeted traffic.

How bing ads works is that you bid for certain keyword phrase and when someone search for this phrase using bing or yahoo (since bing ads has acquired yahoo search market), then your ad will appear to show to this person. For example, I create an advertisement in bing ads on how to relief back pain and I link this ad to a clickbank product that solves back pain problem. So when someone searches for ‘back pain relief’ using bing, they will see my ad and when they click on my ad, they will see the sales page and if they buy the product, I will earn a commission. This is how it works using Bing Ads.

If you are using bing ads, you literally have access to millions of people who are searching for all types of products or solutions online.

(B) Other people’s Mailing List

Another effective approach is sending affiliate offers through someone’s else mailing list. Honestly, mailing list is one of the most effective ways of getting sales especially when the subscribers trust the recommendations made by the sender. Thus, if you can find someone who has a loyal followers base, then it will help a lot in conversions. What you can do is to actively search for bloggers who are active and have a mailing list of few thousands to test things out. Do note that bloggers with more than 10,000+ subscribers will charge pretty expensive rate for sending offers to their mailing list, so make sure if you are starting out, go for bloggers with smaller lists to test things out first.

Udimi is one of the popular places where you can send affiliate product offers to someone’s mailing list. You can take a look if that interests you.

(c) Display Advertising

The third method that I want to share with you is display advertising, which is to put banners in someone else website and link to your affiliate product. In my experience, this is the least effective method of getting affiliate sales but you may want to give it a try especially if you have friends who have a website with targeted existing traffic.

So what’s the best affiliate product for you?
After reading this post, I hope you now understand that in order to identify your best affiliate product to promote, you first need to see what type of audience you have and what are their interests. From there, then you go and find a suitable affiliate product to promote to this audience group.

Feel free to post your questions below and I will be happy to help clarify your doubts (if you have)!

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