About Me

Hi, I'm KC Tan

When KC first created his own online game (Absolute III) in 2005, it came to him as a surprise that something which he had created out of pure interest turned out to become a popular hit. His game was attracting hundreds of players from all over the United States, and soon he had advertisers approaching him with offers to pay him for banner space in his game!

Intrigued by the idea of this newfound opportunity, KC delved into the potential of doing businesses online and this planted the seed for his journey into business thereafter.

In 2008, KC founded his first business, developing professional websites for business owners and helping them to market their websites online through search engines. Today, KC gets to do what he enjoys most, which is sharing what he knows with others – bringing his years of experiences and expertise to teach business owners and individuals on how to create their online businesses.

Over the years, KC found that majority of the people actually do not have much difficulty picking up a new tool (say using WordPress to create a website). But most of them are often stuck or see no real results because they have no idea how to use their newly acquired tools for! This motivates KC to put even more focus on helping people to bridge this gap.

KC believes that everyone has something so valuable in them that others want to learn from. The challenge is most people do not have a system to package and sell their knowledge. KC aims to equip everyone with the skill of turning what you know into something that people is willing to pay for. Now KC teaches people how to identify what you know then package the information and sell then as info-products, also commonly known as Informational Products (eBooks, audios and videos etc).

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