How I Increase My Training Income Without Conducting Additional Workshops!

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Over the course of my training career, I faced some common challenges that most other trainers and speakers have also experienced:

  • When you stop conducting workshops or seminars, your income stops too!
  • You have difficulty in scaling your business!
  • Even if you’ve employed someone else to do the training, some clients still prefer you to train them personally!
  • Whichever date and time you choose to conduct your workshops or seminars, you can never accommodate the schedules of everyone; there will always be people who’d want to attend but are unable to make it on the stipulated date.

I am glad that I made the decision to go online because now I have people signing up for my courses in Udemy every day! In fact, last month (Feb 2015) was one of my best months thus far considering the fact that I did not do any marketing for my courses; all the sign-ups have been driven by the Udemy platform itself.

If you are also in the training profession, I would strongly recommend you to look into converting some of your training materials into online learning. Not only does it provide you with a second source of income, you can also integrate it into your marketing funnel to get more customers online!

Here are some of the ways that I’ve benefited personally since launching my online courses last year:

  1. provides instructors with a wide audience reach with their network of over 5,000,000 students all around the world. I currently have over 2,000 students enrolled in my courses and 90% of them are from countries outside of Singapore!
  2. Sign-ups for my online courses are coming in at any time and on the least expected days, even when I am not actively working. There are people enrolling in my courses during Chinese New Year holiday and even while I’m sleeping! With online courses, your business is working 24/7 and that is one huge advantage!
  3. I am now able to offer my online courses as an add-on to my coaching or training services to add value to my clients. Online courses are a great way to help learners to recap what I taught them earlier.
  4. With online courses, the problem of time constraints that people face with live events no longer exists. Now all my students can access my online courses anytime and at their own pace.

I strongly believe that the demand for online courses will only become stronger in the future as people are getting busier and online learning is the perfect solution to help them save time. (In fact, we are already seeing the trend now!)

If you are keen to explore creating online courses, feel free to contact me using my coaching application form here. I specialize in providing professional coaching services to help trainers and speakers to turn their knowledge into income-generating online courses!

KC Tan
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