Why Would People Want to Pay You For Your eBooks and Videos?

Whenever I share with people the idea of making money online with information products, I am often asked the question of why would people pay you for your eBooks and videos since most information can be found online for free?

Let me share with you the two main reasons why people still buy information products online, such as eBooks, audios and courses (taught in instructional videos) :

a. Structured Learning – Although information is widely available free on the Internet, they are often disorganized and cluttered. Try searching for ‘ design a website ‘ on YouTube and you’ll be thrown at a million videos that each uses a different platform to create a website. Would it be easy for you to decide which platform to use based on all the random information you got? Unlikely. It gets overwhelming, isn’t it?

This is where the value of paid information lies – structured learning – which free information fails to provide. I realize that nowadays people are more and more interested in things that can help them to be more productive in life, and they will not want to spend time on searching and organizing information themselves if there is an option for them to get a packaged learning solution (at a reasonable cost).

b. Support – In learning new things, you’d often encounter questions when you start to apply the new knowledge, and wonder how nice it’d be if there were someone whom you can approach to clarify your doubts. Whether you’re reading blog posts, articles or watching videos on YouTube, a lot of free information online do not provide you with any form of support or assistance whereas one of the top reasons why people would pay to enrol in online courses is for the support that they would get from the instructor, especially for those who are serious in achieving success!

As more and more information is being uploaded online, there will be a greater need in future for structured online learning and support . We are fortunate to be in this era where anyone has the ability and potential to create an information product and reach out to a worldwide audience!

KC Tan
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