In this short post I am going to share with you 2 clickbank products that you can promote using Bing Ads direct linking method. If you are my student in my Udemy course or customer of my ‘ClickBank Easy Sales Method’, or just currently looking for products to promote via bing ads, read on!

Eczema Free Forever

This product helps to get rid of eczema issues and it costs only $30, which is much lesser than the criteria I set. I recommend beginners to try promoting this product because its affiliate resources page has suggestions on keywords and ad copy. Just make sure that you generate the non-exit popup affiliate link for promoting on bing ads.

Search ‘eczema free forever’ inside clickbank marketplace for more description. You can click here to see the affiliate resources page.



This is one of the many products (not health related) good for direct linking. its price point is only $37 and it has a clean sales page. In addition, it comes with three upsells. Its affiliate resources page also has suggested keywords and ads for Bing Ads placement. The gravity of this product is 30+, which is not too high for PPC.

One suggestion I have if you want to promote this product is to control your bid tightly and never bid more than 1% of the commission. Also, you can obtain the PPC friendly version (without exit popup) at the affiliate resources page.

Search ‘Woodprofits’ inside clickbank marketplace for more description. Click here to see its affiliate resources page.

P.S. I have handpicked 200 clickbank products that you can use for direct linking. It is meant for the upsell for my ebook but you can buy it here directly if you want