Often times people ask me for recommendations or what tools I use so I thought of putting up this list of resources in my website for everyone’s easy reference.


Domain and Hosting

I always register my domain names with either Namecheap or GoDaddy. If you want the cheapest price, go for GoDaddy. However GoDaddy tends to have alot of upsell, so I’d personally recommend Namecheap if you want a cleaner checkout process.

Having said that, GoDaddy is an excellent place to buy expired domain names. Check out GoDaddy’s Auction here – you may sometimes find treasures if you’re lucky!

As for hosting, I’d recommend you to go for VodienHosting.com if you are located in Asia as they have a fast and reliable server based in Singapore. Check out this video that I created for step by step instructions to sign up a hosting package with VodienHosting.com.


Sending Emails

Getresponse sign up

I never send spam emails. The only emails I send out are to people that I know. However using Gmail to send email to my thousands of followers is not practical, hence I use GetResponse30.com. It is an awesome online software that I use for the following purposes:

  1. Send personalised emails to my subscribers
  2. Design a beautiful newsletter easily using readily available templates from their library!
  3. Schedule emails to be sent to multiple groups of contacts at my chosen timing <—- Awesome feature!
  4. Create professional one-page landing page to capture leads <—— So far there are no other auto-responder softwares that can give you this!

Getresponse30.com offers a 30-day free trial and subscription starts from $15 per month thereafter.


Where to Look for Website Templates?

This is another common question that I receive whenever I conduct workshops or training for businesses. My top recommendation is always Elegant Themes. They have 87 impressiveWordPress templates that you can choose from at a very low annual fee of $69.

The most amazing feature is  their flagship template – DIVI, which is professionally designed to help you create any kind of websites! I have never seen a template that is so versatile! This website itself is created using DIVI!


Where to Outsource?

People often ask me where do I look for designers and writers to help create my works. In actual fact, I do all the writing myself (whether it’s my eBooks, books or blog posts, etc). The only thing I outsource are the design works, which I often go to Fiverr to get the following services:


Recording Videos Online

I do quite a lot of video recording and the software that I use is called screencast-o-matic. This is the most cost efficient software out there! It has both a free and paid version.

Make sure you have a good microphone to capture your voice. I use Blue Yeti mic for recording (just in case you are wondering).


Are you looking for any other recommendations that is not on this page? Use this contact form to let me know and I will add it here!