Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Clickbank Sales With Microsoft Ads

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If you have been struggling with getting clickbank sales using the direct linking method (via Bing Ads / Microsoft Ads), then you may find this post useful. This post is written to help my current students from the online clickbank course, if you are currently not a student of mine, you can sign up for a low fee now.

First thing to check your campaigns
The first thing to check your campaigns is to see if they are running. Make sure that the campaign is running by ensuring the status of the campaign is enabled. Some students forgotten to enable it before they close their mircosoft ads window. So make sure you check this first.

Number of impressions / clicks
Next is to check how many impressions you are getting. If you only have very few impressions daily, then it will be difficult to have sales. On average, every 100 impressions, will get you a few clicks. A good campaign should have at least 1K to 5K impressions daily.

To increase the impressions, make sure you are running all the three keyword match types and follow the setup mentioned in my clickbank course.

If you have followed my setup and still getting low number of impressions, then you can try adding more countries (Canada, Australia) to your campaigns.

Another issue that other students faced is they have a good number of impressions but very little clicks. The CTR (Click-Through-Rate) is lower than 1%, some even lower than 0.1%. In such cases, it means your ad copy is not relevant to the keywords that people are searching and seeing your ads. Hence, try to improve your ad, either you try to remove those keywords (if they are not relevant to the product that you are promoting) that give you very high amount of impressions but low clicks or re-write your ad copy to make it more relevant to the keywords with high impressions.

What if you are getting clicks but still no sales?
If you are getting clicks everyday but still not seeing any sales, the first question is to ask yourself how many clicks have you received?

If your answer is less than 50 clicks, then it is still too early to tell! Many students have asked this question before in the Q&A but once I found out that they are getting very few clicks, then I will tell them to give the campaign more time.

If your campaign has received more than 50 clicks but no sales, then look at all the keywords that gotten clicks and ask yourself the following questions:

– Are these keywords closely relevant to the product that you are promoting?

You will be surprised that many students made this mistake when I check their keywords inside the course. For example, people are bidding for keywords such as ‘ezcema clinic’, ‘ezcema doctor’ which are not relevant to the ezcema ebook that they are promoting!

Please take a closer look at your keywords and remove those non-relevant keywords.

If you are unsure about what keywords are not relevant, you can message me inside udemy (if you are my student) or post your keywords inside our closed facebook groupfor other members to help you (if you are not a student of mine).

Two important lectures to re-watch!
Finally, there are two very important lectures to re-watch if you are not getting sales using the Microsoft ads. 80% of students who are not getting sales receive their first sales after re-watching and following tips from the following two videos:

– Lesson “Costly Mistakes To Avoid In Your First Campaign! ” under the section “Traffic Generation Secrets”.

– Lesson “Ultimate Checklist For Direct Linking” under the section “Bonus & Tips”.

What happens after getting sales?
Once you have received sales from the direct linking campaigns, you can either focus on creating other campaigns based on other products or start exploring list building (covered in the later part of the course). I would strongly suggest that you start working on list building method after you have gotten more than 5 sales from direct linking method.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions inside my course, I’m here to help! Good luck!

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