How To Get People To Leave Reviews For Your Online Courses

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One of the critical factors that determine how well your courses sell online is the quantity – as well as quality – of reviews that you receive from your students.

From Amazon to Udemy , it is evident that the top ranking products are always the ones that receive the most number of raving reviews from their happy customers.

The reason is simple: in today’s world, many consumers base their buying decisions heavily on the reviews that they find online.

Reviews are a great way to prove to your customers that others have tried your products, and they are pleased with it. This goes a long way to help you build your credibility and gain the trust of your prospective customers!

So in this post, let me share with you three ways on how you can get more reviews for your online courses.

1. Leverage Your Client Base

When it comes to asking for reviews, it is much easier to approach someone whom you already share a relationship than people who don’t know you at all.

If you are running a business, your existing business clients are the best candidates that you can approach for help to write a review for your online courses, since these are people who know you personally and have experienced your services before.

What I do is I hand-pick a few of my clients whom I share good business relationships with. I then give them access to my online courses and encourage them to leave a review for me.

2. Ask Your Students

There are a few ways that you can ask for reviews from students who are already taking your online courses.

When a new student joins your course, you can send them a welcome message which includes a note to encourage them to leave a review later on.

Alternatively you can include a short segment in one of your video lessons (when students have completed about 30% of the curriculum) to prompt your students to leave a review if they enjoyed the course so far.

One other way to remind your students to give you a review is to mention it in the concluding lecture of your course.

These well-timed requests will increase the chances of people taking time out to leave reviews for your course. (Often times, if you don’t ask, you may never get them!)

3. Deliver Fast Results!

Perhaps the most amazing strategy above all is to activate what I call “automatic reviews”. That is, students voluntarily (and can’t wait to) write happy reviews for you – without you asking them.

And how you do that is by teaching something in your course that gives your students a simple way to implement something, and most importantly, help them to see results fast!

Truth is, it is common for students to lose momentum and patience in applying what they learnt. If they fail to see results sooner than expected, their willpower starts running out – often at a quicker rate than you imagine – and they give up trying (and learning too).

Therefore, when planning out your course, try to see if you can break down a technique or method into something that is so simple, and so easy for people to implement to see some results.

If you can achieve that in your course – allowing your students to see results in a period as short as a few days – it would really put your course a cut above the rest. Most of all, you are making a deep impact on people’s lives that make them so satisfied that they cannot leave without writing you a great review!

Moving forward, reviews are getting more and more important, especially in these days where everyone is getting more active on social media. People trust what other people say about a product so it is your priority to get reviews to help you achieve higher conversion for your online courses!

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