Two Clickbank Products That You Can Use Bing Ads Direct Linking Method

Two Clickbank Products That You Can Use Bing Ads Direct Linking Method

In this short post I am going to share with you 2 clickbank products that you can promote using Bing Ads direct linking method. If you are my student in my Udemy course or customer of my ‘ClickBank Easy Sales Method’, or just currently looking for products to promote via bing ads, read on!

Eczema Free Forever

This product helps to get rid of eczema issues and it costs only $30, which is much lesser than the criteria I set. I recommend beginners to try promoting this product because its affiliate resources page has suggestions on keywords and ad copy. Just make sure that you generate the non-exit popup affiliate link for promoting on bing ads.

Search ‘eczema free forever’ inside clickbank marketplace for more description. You can click here to see the affiliate resources page.



This is one of the many products (not health related) good for direct linking. its price point is only $37 and it has a clean sales page. In addition, it comes with three upsells. Its affiliate resources page also has suggested keywords and ads for Bing Ads placement. The gravity of this product is 30+, which is not too high for PPC.

One suggestion I have if you want to promote this product is to control your bid tightly and never bid more than 1% of the commission. Also, you can obtain the PPC friendly version (without exit popup) at the affiliate resources page.

Search ‘Woodprofits’ inside clickbank marketplace for more description. Click here to see its affiliate resources page.

P.S. I have handpicked 200 clickbank products that you can use for direct linking. It is meant for the upsell for my ebook but you can buy it here directly if you want


Home Business School Episode 2 – 26 Home Business Ideas You Can Start!

Home Business School Episode 2 – 26 Home Business Ideas You Can Start!

In this week’s episode, I am delighted to share 26 business ideas that you can start from home. These are the professions that I most commonly come across when I network with business owners out there!

If you are looking for inspiration on what kinds of business you can do from home, you can look to this episode for some ideas to get you started.

Enjoy the video!

P.S. Stay tuned for the next episode to learn about the different types of business entities you can embark on for your budding home business (subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay updated on my latest videos)!


Cost Effective Marketing Tools

Cost Effective Marketing Tools

I recently read a blog post from Home Business Magazine about Spend Your Money Well: Cost-Effective Marketing tools, where the author shared various tools that home business owners can use to market your business, including business cards, fliers, brochures, website, blogs, emails and print media.

Drawing from personal experience, I must say that email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing channel for me.

Back in the day when I conduct regular face-to-face workshops, email marketing contributed 80% of my monthly revenue (no I did not do spamming, I only send emails to past students and subscribers who opted into my mailing list).

Month after month, people respond to my new courses and one-time offers whenever I send out promotional emails, so I am a big believer in email marketing!

I always encourage you to start building your own subscriber base even before you start your business (if you can)! The reason is simple – it takes time for you to gain the trust of your followers before you can start to see sales coming your way.

Think of it as making new friends – it will naturally take time for someone to know you better before they start to like you and trust you. Likewise, building a profitable list is a process that needs time.

There are no shortcuts, and do not expect instant results. But if you work on nurturing your relationship with your followers over time, you will get the results you deserve.

Many people do not realize this and unknowingly put off the task of list building till much later. This is a huge mistake, don’t wait till the day you launch your business to start building your list because it will be too late by then. So my best advice to you is –  start as early as you can!

The following is an insightful blog post by CopyMonk on 17 lessons that he learnt from sending promotional emails – 17 Email Marketing Lessons I Learned After Writing Over 1,000 Promotional Emails. (P.S. This is one of the rare blog posts that I bookmark and I believe you should too!)

Tips To Use Your LinkedIn Account for Business

As you may know, LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professionals and business owners with more than 400 million members in over 200 countries.

Having a LinkedIn account allows you to keep in touch with your business contacts in a convenient way and helps you to stay abreast of the latest professional developments in your circle of influence. Furthermore, you can leverage LinkedIn to market your products or services for free.

If you are not a member of LinkedIn yet, I would highly recommend you to create an account as soon as you can (it’s free to join).

Got your LinkedIn account? Great! Then check out the quick video from Donna Serdula below to learn 5 tips on how you can maximize the potential of LinkedIn for your business or profession.

If you are keen to find out more about how you can use LinkedIn to generate leads and sales for your profession/business, do check out LinkedIn Influence here.

Join Me To Create My New Online Program!

I am incredibly fortunate to have reached nearly 15,000 students through my online courses since I started teaching on Udemy over a year ago.

Through the course of this 16 months on Udemy, I realized there are three common challenges facing students who are taking my online courses:

      1.  They register for the online course but forget about it later OR
      2.  They started watching the course but didn’t get a chance to apply what they learnt OR
      3.  They implemented the things I taught but did not follow up with me for feedback…

Though all my students have access to the same course materials and support from me, not everyone gets to complete their courses and put what they learnt into action.

I have been thinking about how I can better help these people to gain a breakthrough and achieve greater results through a continuous learning experience that allows me to stay in touch with them continuously beyond the Udemy platform.

To this end, I am planning to launch an online program that will teach people how to create and sell their own information products like what I have been doing all these years.

And here is the key: I am forming a mastermind group to gather valuable feedback and suggestions for this new online program, and members will have exclusive access to see what goes on “behind the scenes” of the creation process of my new online program!

As a member of my core group, you will receive ongoing updates about my product creation process and I will share my thoughts and ideas with you every week as I go about creating the online program. There is no need for you to pay to join this core group.

If you think you can spare some time to read my email every week and reply with your feedback and suggestions for my new online program, I welcome you to be a part of my mastermind group! I will only send you emails related to my new online program and I will remove your email from my list after the product is launched.

The entire creation process is estimated to take about 2 months and I will be sending out the first email to my core group members around mid February 2016.

If you are keen to join my mastermind group, just enter your name and email below and I will keep you posted once I kickstart the creation process for my new online program (registration for my mastermind group will close on 14 Feb 2016).

I hope to see you on the other side!

Edited: The registration has closed, thank you for your interest!